Eddie’s Auto Repair originally opened in 1984 by Eddie Pupo (1932-2003)

After running a successful business at this location for 6 years, he was approached by a major oil/fuel distributor to become a retailer in this area. They worked out a deal and “unofficially” Eddie became retired as they leased this site for the next ten years. However if you knew Eddie you know the story is not over there.


The oil company had a hard time finding the right tenant and asked Eddie to run the business as they tried to find the right fit. So, this location was open and closed over the next 10 years numerous times. Eddie and his son Bill opened the shop for a year in 1997 to try and help the oil company keep the doors open.


Fast forward to 2000…the lease is up and Eddie had as much retirement as he could take. So Eddie asked his son Bill, who had been working in the repair field for most of his adult life, if he would like a chance to run his own business. He gladly accepted. Not having any business training and only knowing how to fix things, Bill was kind of lost the first year. Eddie taught Bill to treat people fair and not to compromise on quality.


Today, our primary focus is the customer. If you need something fixed, we will do it. If you need your lawn mower blade changed or your power window fixed or you engine over hauled, we can do it.


 Our ASE trained technicians are proud to serve you. We cover all kinds of repairs even beyond your automotive needs. Our services include, but are not limited to:


(Check Engine Light)